Future of Pediatrics: From Tele-Peds to Connected Kids…

I recently had the opportunity to meet with the team from MedScape/WebMD to discuss some of the technologies that have the opportunity to impact the current age and future of pediatrics.

I trained in Boston in both Pediatrics and Internal Medicine at the MGH and Boston Children’s Hospital, and in my role chairing Exponential Medicine (next being held this Oct 8–11) and the Medicine side of Singularity University, explore the convergence of technology and its potential to reshape health and biomedicine. Many of the innovations in digital health and beyond are focused on the adult healthcare spectrum, but many emerging solutions and platforms can blend, and in some cases be optimally applied towards our younger patients (from prenatal stage to adolescents).

Leveraging new approaches and technologies (especially when aligned with incentives), can lead lead us to more proactive healthcare, leveraging data in more individualized and contextual ways for child, parent and pediatrician, and achieve the “Quadruple Aim” (improving the health of populations, enhancing the patient experience of care, reducing the per capita cost of health care and improving the work life of health care providers.

Part of a wide ranging interview I did with Dr. Hansa Bhargava (Medical Editor for Pediatrics at WebMD) is linked below…

While work flow issues, reimbursement, safety, proving ROI and other challenges remain, the opportunity exists today to integrate some of these tools into the pediatrics ‘black bag’ and those of empowered parents and patients.

Below is a list and links to some currently available products (*not an endorsement or recommendation) that could be used in a variety of pediatric indications, from fitness and weight loss, to diagnostics and therapy as well as some organizations focused on innovating in pediatrics.

Pediatric Fitness Trackers and Wearables include:

Digital Diagnostics for the Pediatric realm include:

Neuro / Brain

  • Brain Power: An augmented-reality smart-glass AI system to help children with autism learn self-control, and cognitive & social skills
  • Empatica Embrace: Understand, track & monitor seizures
  • Interaxon Muse headband: Brain Computer Interface (applicable for use in ADHD & beyond)

Apps for Pediatricians

Organizations focused on Pediatric Innovation

-Pediatrics 2040: