Can’t a man walk down the street without being offered a job?

Prerequisite: You have some experience and are somewhat competent.


There’s a huge demand for software engineering jobs in New York…and Australia has a favourable visa (E-3) situation. Win/Win.


  1. Time difference from Melbourne to New York is a bitch if you already have a job (7am / 11pm are the best times)
  2. Put your resume on AngelList and update LinkedIn. This should net you an inquiry every day!
  3. Face-to-face is better than Skype. It speeds up the process and shows you are confident and committed.
  4. Beware of saying yes to everything as it can lead to a lot of wasted time and effort. Sniper not shotgun.
  5. Don’t schedule more than 3 interviews per day. Stay fresh.
  6. Interviews for startups are generally personality first and technical at the very end. Interviews for established companies are generally recruiter then technical then personality.

My Personal Experience

  • Non-technical interviews are easy (100% success rate). No preparation needed, just be yourself.
  • It’s rare to find a spark of enthusiasm for a company. Part of this is low expectations to avoid disappointment.
  • Technical interviews are my kryptonite. Rusty, intimidated and nervous — it takes me around 3 to refresh my memory, get a kick up the butt, and get my confidence back. By the end I enjoy them.
Job hunting is a lot like dating:
1) when there’s a spark, you’ll both know.
2) the more confident you feel, the better you’ll perform.
3) the moment you have something, everyone will want you.
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