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Mount Tabor

Mount Tabor has been a place for pilgrims since the Byzantine era. It is a mountain of significant importance to Christians, which is matched by absolute beauty. Combining these two factors has made Mount Tabor heaven for visitors who share a passion for God and nature.

For many, this is a place where you can go to talk to god in a quiet environment while looking down on his amazing creation. …

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The Beatitudes

The beatitudes were blessings declared by Jesus during his sermon on the mount near Galilee’s Sea. These blessings were unlike the Ten Commandments given to Moses. That was because these were a blessing in a positive spirit and not commandments. The Beatitudes listed the values in life, which ultimately leads to prosperity and salvation.

The beatitudes are words of encouragement that, when followed, bring blessings to Christians. There is no mistake that the beatitudes came in the first book of the Holy Eucharist. Matthews’s gospel was directed to transform followers of Jesus who were previously immersed in the Old Testament and bring them into a new light. …

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King David’s tomb remains one of the holiest places on mount Zion. All through scripture, we hear the name David mentioned. From the old testament down to the new testament. One prominent example is Jesus, as he was commonly referred to as a descendant of King David.

King David is also known as the man after God’s heart. He was also the warrior king who composed many of the Psalms contained in God’s holy word.

Why Is King David’s Tomb Significant?

For many years, King David’s tomb has enjoyed soaring numbers of pilgrim visitors. Christians from all over come to commune with God on this holy site. …


Daniel Sahwany

I’m Daniel Sahwany, Christian Private guide, I have 10 years of extensive guiding experience.

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