How to Get Your (and Your Courier’s) Postmates Rating

Just like Uber (and many other sharing economy companies), Postmates gives both you and your courier the ability to rate each other. Wouldn’t it be great if you could see your rating, as well as your courier’s? See below on how to get it (i’m sure they will shut this down if it becomes popular):


1. Go to and login

2. Open your browsers dev tools (CMD + option + j on Chrome) and navigate to a past delivery

3. You should see a request with the format:<some_uuid>?client=customer.web&version=0.0.0. Click on it.

4. Get to the response inspector to inspect the JSON object that was returned.

5. Find the courier and customer properties and toggle them open

6. Check out your Postmates rating (as well as your courier’s if you’re so inclined)

7. ???

8. Profit