This evening, Elon Musk introduced the second phase of his Master Plan, outlining the next 10 years of Tesla Motors.

If Elon can execute on his promises, this is the future that he envisions:

  1. Complete automation of transport, both people and goods, beginning in just 5 years.
  2. Death of car ownership through a shared economy: capitalizing on sitting cars using [1] & a free market.
  3. A shift in ideology (of the west) where automobiles are no longer a right of passage, but instead, a utility equivalent to water & the internet.
  4. The death of sprawl & suburbia through redesigned cities, and [1][2][3].
  5. Reliance upon ‘shared’ i.e. Tesla.

This is a future that is within reach.

Let’s see how close Elon can take us.

Daniel Sinclair

Building for young people.

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