The Dreamer

It was strange. I was having trouble sleeping. It was about 3 in the morning and I was finally falling asleep. There was a flash of light and I could see it through my eyelids. I opened my eyes and let them adjust to the dark in search of the flash. A second later,I heard a roar of thunder. My body shuddered as I turned away and tried to relax. I tucked the blankets around me, closer to my body. I scanned my memory for warmth. It was like I was in California again.

I remember the sun was so intense I had to wear sunglasses and protective lotions. The zephyrs gently brushed my hair and the sunshine wrapped around my shoulders. I approached the beach with a smile spreading across my face. I could see the ocean. It glistened under the illumination of the bright sun.

Walking faster with glee, I took off my sandals and walked barefooted onto the beach. It was hot on my feet so I ran straight toward the ocean to feel its cool. The sand was thin and pale and it shifted around underneath me as I ran. The water was so clear, I could see the navy blue nail polish on my toes. I continued to approach deeper into the water. It was cold as it reached my hips. I then got off my feet and began swimming forward. I wet my hair and I wiped the water from my eyes as I surfaced again.

It was so peaceful. It was strange waking up and finding myself in New York. I just sighed and wiped my eyes. I started brewing some coffee for myself and praying there’d be no storm today.

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