A View Into Some Of The Scenic Lakes Of India

India is a land of diverse cultural and natural beauty. From Jammu and Kashmir to Kanyakumari from Rajasthan to Assam, from snow capped mountains to dry dessert to beautiful beaches India has it all. India has immense number of incredibly beautiful lakes, both man made and artificial haughtily spread through the nation.

Nathula Pass

Located at 4,310 m above sea level and 56 km east of Gangtok this mountain pass is famous for silk route operated between India and Tibet. The serene beauty of the place attracts tourist across the country. You can see famous indo china border and soldiers guarding the border.

You can visit a nearby place Sherathang, having a well-developed shopping mart and internet cafe (India’s highest). Close to it is Kupup which has world second highest golf course. On the way to Nathula Pass you can visit Thegu which has world highest ATM.

You can take shared jeeps and SUVs from Gangtok. It is open only from Wednesday — Sunday. May to October is the best time to visit. Temperature in winters may go to -25°C and route remained close.

Only Indian citizens can go to the pass with prior permission from Sikkim tourism.

Changu Lake

Changu or Tsomgo Lake is a glacial lake filled with water of melting snow. It is located 12,310 feet above sea level and 35 km from Gangtok. It is considered sacred by the local people. The spectacle beauty of lake is truly breathtaking.

In winters (January — mid May) lake is completely frozen, adventure seekers can enjoy trekking and yak ride.

October-December — lake is partly covered with snow, April — July visitors can enjoy bloom of wild flowers.

There is no option for accommodation near it.

Pykara Lake

Lakes in Ooty are popular tourist destination. Pykara Lake is located 25 km from Ooty and lie by Coimbatore Ooty gundlupet highway. It is named after Pykara River. It is surrounded by picturesque forests. You can enjoy lush green scenery along with riding boat. It is open all days of the week from 8:00 to 5:00 pm. Many hotels are available by about 7–8 km from the lake. Along with boating you can go to boat house where you can enjoy food and relax

Dal Lake

Jammu and Kashmir is blessed with exotic natural beauty which comprises of varied landscapes and water bodies. Out of this is most beautiful lake of the country, Dal Lake. Major attractions are floating gardens, colorful shikaras and house boats. This lake is surrounded by beautiful gardens. One can enjoy water sports like kayaking, water surfing and licensed angling. Months of July and august are the best time to visit and in Winters Lake freeze up.

Loktak Lake

Loktak Lake is the largest freshwater lake in northeast India, famous for the large amount of floating phumdis on its surface. Phumdis, heterogeneous mass of vegetation, soil and organic matter cover substantial part of the lake. The largest mass of phumdi covers about 40 square kilometer and constitutes the world’s largest floating park, named Keibul Lamjao national park. It is a home to Sangai, the endangered brow antlered deer.

It is a source of livelihood for rural fishermen. Temperature ranges from 0- 25. February and March being the driest months.