How many of us really believe that we can do something or believe in ourselves? Do we look at other people and think well it wasn't really belief it was luck? What is belief? Belief in my opinion is knowing what you want and understanding how to get there. To trust yourself against all odds and know that whatever it takes you will do it. I believe in myself, however it took a long time for me to do it. Coming from a abusive home and destroyed relationship, i thought very little about my self. It has taken me to this point to be able to say I believe in myself and what I can do for others.

Some people have thought I am stupid to start wanting things now and I should have done it a long time ago, but is it ever to late to start believing in yourself? I looked at all these stories of success and I was jealous, I thought why did that not happen to me? Why didI have to go through so much for this to happen and then i realised … I was wasting time worrying about other peoples success and not believing i could achieve the same or more.

So now I start a new chapter in my life, a chapter where I have absolutely not doubt in my mind,I will achieve my goals of opening my own NLP practice and being an accomplished writer. Too ambitious you say? For someone else maybe but not for me. Why? Because for the first time I believe in myself, I believe I can make a difference and I believe I can help others to believe in themselves and accomplish their goals. For everything set back I have had, it’s made me stronger and more determined then ever to prove to myself I can do this, Life is all about choices and I chose to believe in me.

What do you believe in?

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