Want more awesome bands to come to your city? You can do it!

Have a list of bands who haven’t played in your home town yet? Or maybe you’ve been hoping for your favorite rockstar to come back after a long time off the tour bus? There’s a bunch of enthusiasts, that had a crazy idea to solve this problem!

Imagine this situation…
YOU, sitting in a car, waiting on a lights, looking at an insanely beautiful woman crossing the road.
SHE, crossing the road, having absolutely no idea about you.
Did you just fell in love at first sight??! Well, there is a million ways to grab her attention. But what is the one really working?
Toooooooooo-toooooooot :-) And that’s how the idea of Tootoot was born.

Tootoot is a brand new hub for music lovers, concert goers and show fans all across the world. We are creating a global community map of concert fans. Tootoot gives more power to the fans and great insight to the artists.

Free download and use for Android & iOS users.

So how does it work, you ask? All you have to do is use the search function of our mobile app to find your favorite band or artist, then tap to send your “tootoot” to send a concert request. By sharing to social media through your connected profile your concert request will become public, allowing more people to join in on the discussion. The service then recommends not only locations to the artists of your choice, but popular venues, local promoters, and the best concert dates.

We are creating an innovative live-show crowdsourcing platform, bringing together artists and fans around the world, changing the uninvolved customers to the ultimate music fans — tootoot aficionados, by a very simple question: Who do you want to see on a gig next?

Tootoot meets technology with long-year experiences, providing the whole complex of tools for efficient live show management and creating the brand new marketing stream for effective event promotion.

We believe Tootoot can significantly improve the live entertainment industry by twisting the old model of organizing the events. For mid-size, indie, A-class but even emerging bands, we provide a platform, that will identify and analyze their audience for efficient tour management optimization. Alongside this, we collect a great database of highly engaged on-demand customers, that are claiming their interest in buying show tickets in advance. The bands and managers can reach their audience for free, via their verified Tootoot profile, by notifications about the upcoming events, newsfeed stream and ticket sales via affiliate programs or Tootoot ticketing system.

Mobile app, Tootoot, is an instant hit among both music fans and industry professionals already within its first few months of existence. So far Tootoot has generated over 5,000 concert requests, most of which are for local artists.

Already 90% of fan requests have been made with no specified date in mind. 50% of these active users are willing to travel away from their hometown to see their favorite artists perform.

The latest update for Tootoot Android offers the option for music club managers and cultural event organizers to create a free venue profile, giving them a new source for events with prospective new artists to look out for. Tootoot is currently in the process of polishing several new services, such as the ability to create events in a self service style system available to all promoters, clubs, and bands already in the system.

#tootootapp is available to download for free on Google Play and on the AppStore, too. For users wishing to check the service without the app, a beta version of Tootoot is available at www.tootoot.co.

For questions, thoughts and ideas, please contact me, anytime :-)

@DanielaGrecner (co-founder)

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