10 Facts that will convince you to start your Ruby on Rails success

2016 is here which means new opportunities and programming languages to learn. Personally, I think Ruby on Rails is one of the best languages since it’s fun and creative, but also on hot demand on the job market!

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  1. User-friendly — The environment is very user-friendly. It lets you code less and have fun at the same time. Imagine you’re getting wings to use your creativity and experiment new things.
  2. Good salaries — Ruby on Rails developers get bigger pay packages than many other developers.
  3. Big names — like Twitter, eBay, Hulu, Scribd and Slideshare are just a few among all organizations who already been capitalizing RoRs framework, and are all now enjoying the amazing opportunities RoR provides.
  4. Fast — rails significantly speeds up the development process, providing cleaner code base and allows you to reuse existing components.
  5. Cost effective — it’s mostly automated which makes it more effective and helps to cut out significant sections of the whole project.
  6. Gems/Plugins — the Rails community provides a wealth of plugins as Ruby Gems that you simply add to your project Gemfile and install. This significantly accelerates development and maintenance time as you’re not trying to integrate disparate libraries, it’s already done for you.
  7. Open source — both the framework and the majority of its libraries are open-source. Rails are running on Linux, which is open-source as well.
  8. Flexibility — applying changes to data models, adding new features and other adjustments can easily be done. With just a few lines of codes, you can achieve a lot more than with other programming languages.
  9. Easy and efficient — to work on platforms and situations where rapid development is required.
  10. Versatility — supersedes most of the regular programming languages. In addition, a lot of web developers prefer it for being uncluttered and terse syntax.