Daniela Makes a Fresh Start

It’s never too late. Many of us go through life without finding our true passion. Some of us do find our passion but we feel that it is too late to delve into it further. That has been the case with me… as a young girl recognizing my passion to dance but never fulfilling my dream. And now looking back, all these thoughts still come to mind, wondering what’s my true passion and what was that one thing that could have been my true life changing inspiration. The woulda, coulda, shoulda starts to kick in, unsure of where it all fell apart and how to even start all over. Don’t fall for that. Shake it loose and realize that it is never too late. Today is the new me and I am willing to start fresh.

When you settle, it means you are comfortable. Enough time goes by of doing the same thing and you think that you are happy, but you’re not, you are just afraid to change things in your life. So then you cope with things that normally you wouldn’t and start a series of excuses that get you out of making any change. This goes on long enough until your glass is so full that it has spilled all over the counter and you realize that this is not the life you had hoped for. My story will share my personal decisions in life, where it all went wrong and how to start all over. In particular, how life does go on, particularly after a failed marriage and how you can still maintain the family bond just by prioritizing what matters most. How you can reconnect with yourself again after so many years and find out that it was never too late and it all can happen as soon as you start loving and putting yourself first.

Life takes courage!