111 Quick Pinterest Tips

Hope you find useful the following tips!

  1. Add the ‘pin it’ button to your website.
  2. Add the ‘hover pin it’ button.
  3. Add the ‘follow us’ button on your website.
  4. Fill out your account description.
  5. Add descriptions to your boards.
  6. ALWAYS include a description on your pins. Don’t leave that space with only one word, use it well. Pin descriptions are even more important now with the new Guided Search.
  7. Embed boards on your website.
  8. Add Pinterest tab on your Facebook page.
  9. Add your Pinterest link to Twitter.
  10. Post the link to some of your pins on Facebook.
  11. Tweet some of your pins.
  12. Share some of your pins to Google Plus and Instagram.
  13. Verify your website.
  14. Vertical pins get more repins.
  15. Images without faces get more repins.
  16. Quality images win big time.
  17. Follow relevant pinners.
  18. Add your logo, name and website to your images.
  19. Always use keywords in the pin description.
  20. Add your url in the pin description.
  21. Use only a branded hashtag.
  22. When you create a new board, be sure it has at least 10 pins so it doesn’t look incomplete.
  23. Entertain and educate your followers.
  24. Always respond to questions and reply to comments.
  25. Pin videos.
  26. Pin how-to tutorials.
  27. Share useful tips and tricks.
  28. Pin before and after images.
  29. Pin testimonials.
  30. Pin relevant infographics.
  31. Introduce your team.
  32. Let your boards show your story.
  33. Tap into the power of emotions.
  34. Don’t just pin, engage.
  35. Be patient, you won’t grow a following over night.
  36. There is no magic pill, you won’t see results over night.
  37. Pinterest takes time.
  38. Add prices to your product pins.
  39. Leave comments on pins that you enjoy or find relevant to your industry.
  40. Give your boards interesting names.
  41. Use secret boards.
  42. Provide value to your followers.
  43. Give your followers more than they expect.
  44. Do something different to attract attention.
  45. Share your events and special occasions. Being personal will increase curiosity.
  46. Use your imagination.
  47. Experiment, try out new things. How will you know whether it works if you don’t try?
  48. Quality is more important than quantity.
  49. Subscribe to the Pinterest official blog to stay up-to-date on the latest changes.
  50. Don’t pin only your own content, repin from others as well.
  51. Don’t SPAM!
  52. Don’t use url shorteners. Pinterest marks bit.lys as spam.
  53. Don’t over-promote!
  54. Don’t freak out if not many people are following you at the beginning!
  55. Don’t use low quality images!
  56. Participate in Pinterest discussions in Facebook and LinkedIn groups, join conversations on Twitter.
  57. Use CTAs in your pin descriptions.
  58. Use Picmonkey to edit your images.
  59. Use Canva to create great images.
  60. Use Quozio to create beautiful quote images.
  61. Use Picmarkr to add watermark to your images.
  62. Use PinAlerts to inform you when someone pinned from your website.
  63. Make sure your content is authentic.
  64. Repin your older content. New followers have not seen it and would be glad to share it with their followers if it’s useful.
  65. Don’t forget to add industry humor in your boards.
  66. Don’t sell! Engage! Offer useful and valuable information and build relationships with your followers.
  67. Pin with a goal in mind, don’t pin because the competition is pinning.
  68. Brainstorm pinning ideas with your colleagues.
  69. Being a fun brand is a must on Pinterest.
  70. Make your content quick to consume.
  71. Track your progress on a regular basis.
  72. Look at your boards and pins and ask yourself would you follow the account.
  73. Respect your followers.
  74. Go through the most frequently asked questions for pin inspiration.
  75. Learn from your followers.
  76. Take a look at things from your followers’ point of view — it will provide you with lots of ideas for potential solutions.
  77. Don’t forget to say thank you. And ask questions, start conversations to find out more about your followers.
  78. Communicate with your audience.
  79. Be creative.
  80. Use your imagination.
  81. Use borders on your images to stand out.
  82. Don’t be afraid to make changes. No matter how small the change, it can lead to better results. Stick with what works for you.
  83. Rearrange boards when you are pinning seasonal or holiday stuff.
  84. Make sure your most important boards are in the top row.
  85. Change your board covers from time to time.
  86. Create beautiful covers with ShareRoot.
  87. Pin a lot, at different times of the day until you find out what works best in your case.
  88. Join group boards. Check out www.pingroupie.com
  89. Create your own group board and invite collaborators you trust or your customers.
  90. Embrace the power of Pinterest search.
  91. Run a contest.
  92. Offer discount for your followers.
  93. Check what people are pinning from your website http://pinterest.com/source/url.com
  94. Check your analytics. What works for everyone else might not work for you.
  95. Use Google Analytics.
  96. Use Tailwind app.
  97. Find out your followers’ weak points and offer solutions to their problems.
  98. Take a look at your competition’s boards from time to time for inspiration.
  99. Don’t rely on the statistics for best pinning time.
  100. Don’t forget to build the email list. You can offer a free and relevant gift to your followers in exchange for a name and email.
  101. You don’t have to give away an ebook or a paper! You can give video series, a checklist, spreadsheet or templates.
  102. Build your list by hosting a free webinar. Make sure people have to subscribe to your newsletter to attend.
  103. Don’t just follow people or businesses — repin, like and comment, that way they will notice you.
  104. You can also pin Vine videos of short step by step instructions and link to your blog post with full instructions. Very few do it.
  105. Embrace creativity for your service based business or not so visual business and make it work.
  106. Create your own place pins relevant to your business.
  107. Make sure your pins and repins take your followers where they say they do.
  108. Check for broken links from time to time.
  109. Take a deep breath before you start with Pinterest. There is spam; there is too much me, me, me; there is porn; fake followers, etc.
  110. Just a reminder, an image is worth a 1000 words!
  111. Have fun and make it less formal!

Remember, quantity is not important, quality is.

Go on, it’s about time to get incredible on Pinterest.

What are your Pinterest tips?

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