How to lose weight with a bike?

If you want to lose weight effectively, we recommend the exercise bike to lose weight.

It’s a reliable formula. How to get there?

The exercise bike to lose weight quickly

Many overweight people currently opt for the exercise bike, it’s a great alternative to the elliptical trainer. With this device, you can practice physical activity at home without having to go to gyms or other places dedicated to the sport.

Indeed, it involves doing cardiovascular exercises and burning unnecessary fat. For that, it is enough to pedal for a certain time and in a regular way according to a well-defined program.

The exercise bike like burns fat

Pedal at a steady pace or not solicited the muscles of the body. The use of the bike apartment for weight loss then increases the basic metabolism, and therefore the amount of energy needed efforts. So it becomes an effective fat burning because allows the body to tap into its energy reserves, so in stored fat in quantity. For this, 5 to 30 minutes of pedaling suffice during the first days by increasing the rate gradually according to the desired weight loss.

The exercise bike is also used to practice exercises to lose thighs, because it is the muscles of the legs and thighs that are most in demand. It is thus easy to refine the silhouette using the exercise bike to lose weight.

The programs to lose weight with the exercise bike

In general, the best program in the use of the bike to lose weight is to pedal for about an hour after warm-ups 10 minutes at 3 sessions per week. But it depends on each individual, at first 15 minutes enough, even 5 minutes time to let the body adapt. Gradually increase the rhythm by alternating slow and sustained exercises.

In addition, some people can go up to 45 and 60 minutes, 2 to 3 sessions per week. The important thing is not to force the body, but to let it adapt gradually to different levels of exercise.

Levels of exercises with the exercise bike to lose weight

In order to burn the recalcitrant fat of the body in an efficient way, it is necessary to start with three programs of one hour per week. During the first session, proceed to 3 sessions of 20 minutes each, then continue with 4 sessions of 15 minutes for the second. The third only requires 5 sessions of 12 minutes.

Once the body adapts, continue this sports program to lose weight as the capacity of the body. Specifically, 3 to 4 hours a week are sufficient and they can be spread out in 3 sessions of 60 minutes, or 4 sessions of 45 minutes or 5 sessions of 35 minutes. All this allows to lose up to 1 kg per month.

where to buy exercise bikes?

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