The MATL-UPB Chronicles, Slam Poetry (Personal Experience).

Daniela Marin Bermudez
2 min readNov 15, 2017


When I heard what was going to be one of the most important notes or papers in the subject, I felt a bit skeptical and said to myself that this was going to be the job I would not present; I even made the accounts of how not presenting this work would influence my final grade in the subject, in winning or losing it. All the above regarding the work assigned by Professor Mora, slam poetry.

At first I felt somewhat uncomfortable, a lot in reality, since I have never been a lover of reading poetry and much less writing it. Because in general, I have always considered myself a person of few words, and being these few somewhat clumsy, little empathic and who usually say things as they are, to the point and not turn over the issue. In addition to the fact that I have never considered myself a creative person in any aspect and for this work we should be and without leaving aside that it was not only the written part but also, recording a video, the cherry of the cake.

The recording and editing of the video was something I struggled with until finally achieving it.

After a while, of being postponed for days what became weeks, the Slam Poetry, decided to stop fighting against the obligation of the realization of the work and finally realize it, although it was not the expected or desired result, it was fulfilled with the duty.

This experience, the writing process of SLAM POETRY, was somewhat chaotic, because choosing a topic to write on is complicated, although it is an opportunity to say what you think of a certain topic in a more “poetic” way. There were many topics chosen and then discarded since none was good enough to write about this.

Finally I decided on a topic that for many years ago has been problematizing more and more, The woman and her exuality.

In a few words I could say that this exercise helped me to realize that in fact the writing process takes time and that as an exercise for the classroom is excellent because it allows the student to express himself in a safe environment, since in my experience, it was, because the teacher was convinced that it was so, and also, the student can feel identified with these short stories, because after all this is being, they belong to everyone in a very personal way.