This could be the most important trait you didn’t know that could win you the job

He won the interview by showing his character. Learn his secrets.

It may also give you a hint why you would not want that job

This may be the most powerful tip you may have. I’m basically laying it out for you.

After years of working with hundreds of people in the top tier, I’ve seen very common trends of factors that makes the biggest difference. One of them i see the most important.

“What? A secret attribute? Tell me now!”

The biggest problem for you is early in your career it is unlikely that you will impress based on the amount of knowledge you have.

You will have minimal experience, minimal skills. You have absolutely no bargaining power. “Go get the coffee”. The only way to impress your potential boss is with attitude. (Yes, your fantastic attitude).

That’s what i want to help you with today — to get that one most important trait and give a ‘WOW’ to the hiring manager. Wouldn’t you like to know what it is?

In fact, my last hire showed this trait to me, and i hired her on the spot!

However a warning, even if you do pick this up, there is a risk that you must be aware of otherwise it will not work. I will tell you what it is in the end after you went through the article.

Get ready!

Get a growth mindset

The truth about work is that you start as nothing. And there will be people who are way ahead of you.

People sometimes get a headstart from. Maybe they were born richer, taller, more handsome..

But life is a marathon and it’s how you live it, where you go, and what you do that matters.

And if you follow a growth mindset, you will win in the medium term. It’s the law of attraction.

But before we go into that,

What is a growth mindset?

One of these guys is a growth focused superhero. Which one is it? Did you guess the Hulk? Then you are right!

You want to be just like the Hulk. Unstoppable.

It’s about growing as a person.

Understand that:

  • The faster you grow, the faster you get to your goals. No brainer here.
  • Accept that you are not perfect. Someone else is better than you. Accept that you will need to learn from others. Try to understand what the person is doing well and pick up from there.
  • Accept that you are more perfect then others. Don’t listen to what everybody else says. As you change companies, and managers, if you do things well, you will receive many feedback. And along that journey you will adapt to do things better. However you will also receive some rubbish feedback — learn not to take them personally and move on.
  • You will be out-played by others, but in the medium term you will beat the rest
  • Believe in yourself that you will eventually get there. You may fail now (and many times) but you will win many times. Keep calm and carry on.

“Thank you for your feedback”

“I will think about it and come back with a plan”

Or if you disagree,

“Bullshit!” (Dosen’t work all the time, depends on how close you are to the person sharing)

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So how do you combine growth with what else you need?

Here’s one that you didn’t know you need that’s been widely mentioned.

Guidance is what is needed from the employer.

That’s right, get the right manager.

As mentioned here, John Assaraf — a leading behavioral and mindset expert, highlights the need to set clear goals and objectives for action. Otherwise, it wouldn’t work.

If you have a manager who understands how to groom talent and can guide you along, then great! If not, run the heck away! You will be wasting years.

Like an orchestra, the conductor is your manager — guiding your show. The conductor sets the pace, brings all the different parts together, and ensures that the music is going in the direction he thinks is best for the audience.

Of course, in your case, you are a one man band. Sum of all parts.

Some warning:

  • The pace is the same throughout the song. Nothing new, nothing learnt, and therefore no new experience.
  • Conductor brings parts in slow or too quickly and causes the whole song to sound wrong
  • Worst case scenario: Never-ending song. You never progress to the next piece.

Some other tips to keep you going:

Work can be very challenging if they are beyond your experience, expectation, comfort zone, or just down right beyond your capability. There is a stretch zone between your comfort zone and fear zone.

And this is the gap where you will learn from doing, and where you want to be. This keeps you growing.

And as always, if you need help > ask for it.

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