Just got a remote job? 5 Tips to help you have a wonderful one.

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Learning to code was not a rosy experience, finding good materials, sticking to your learning schedule, spending money on resources (especially if you are a Nigerian… here you will have to spend money on almost everything, having constant electricity and affordable but fast Internet speed. etc.) staying up to date with the ever changing programming world, especially if you are a frontend web developer. Here you see Javascript ecosystem coming up with several new frameworks and libraries etc. You should have known by now about the Javascript fatigue, No? are you kidding me? you can check out https://medium.com/@joshburgess/javascript-fatigue-an-alternative-perspective-b6ae411e89ac and the terrible state of web development here https://medium.com/@LittleBrainz/while-i-really-love-a-good-rant-against-the-status-quo-see-the-sad-state-of-web-development-ad20acb5f7de of which at the same time, you would find this article very useful too https://medium.com/javascript-scene/why-im-thankful-for-js-fatigue-i-know-you-re-sick-of-those-words-but-this-is-different-296fae0c888f

Okay, enough of all this, and lets focus on what we need to focus on. Fast forward six months or 1 year, you have finally gotten a grip of the aspect of programming you decided to learn, and finally you got yourself a job.

A remote job to be precise. Though these tips are very useful for on site jobs . You are going to face a lot of things you probably didn’t learn while you were learning to code. especially the intra-personal skills. How do you make this experience a good one? This is probably your first professional job and you don’t want to ruin it, but still want to be yourself and still retain your sanity.

I present to you 5 tips, just 5 to help you enjoy this experience. This is based on my first experience too, in working remotely.

  1. Communication is Key

Communication can not be overemphasized, communicating with the right person and at the right time is one thing you need, really really need. Understand the kind of person you superior is, know how best to communicate with him or help. Working on a particular feature? and you are stocked? communicate this, will you be able to meet the deadline? communicate this, and give good and technical reasons. I mean communicate communicate communicate. Which leads us to the next

2. Ask lots of Questions.

You sincerely need to ask questions, this almost cost me nights of rest, you need to know a lot about what you are working on. What is required of you, times for standups etc.

3. Pay attention to details

Rushing up on things isn’t worth it, you want to make sure, you cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s. It will be easier to pay attention to details if you did but tip 1 and tip 2 well. The little things are what matters, understand what you need to understand before working on a project or feature.

4. Patience

There will be times, when you superior may not understand some things you are going through, especially if this superior doesn’t know how to code, but he sure understands the use of things, patience is a virtual. There will be times when you will want to quit, patience is all you need then.

5. Bring something tangible to the table

Being a stereotyped team member or worker isn’t cool, you want to also bring your own valuable contribution to the ongoing project, something that will help the company move from where they are to another level, help scale the team, profit, organization etc. Bear in mind, one of the reasons you were hired is because, the see you as a valuable person for the company, so you need to prove your worth.

But you also need to know that, in proving your worth, you already understand who you boss or superior is, and how best to share ideas with him, understand his personality — asking the right questions will help you do this too.

Its really hard to lay off a person who brings great value to an organization or startup.

Now go enjoy your remote job.

P.s Rest is what you do not want to starve yourself of too. you need lots of rest, it will give your brain a fresh slate to think and scribble things out.


Daniel Anthony Juwon

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