Thessaloniki (Greece) for young travelers

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece and it is located in the north side of the country. This photo reportage shows the highlights of this lovable city.

The White Tower of the Thessaloniki is the most recognizable attraction of the city. It was used by the Ottomans as a prison and then it was called "Tower of Blood" or "Red Tower“ because of its use. References claim that its current name was acquired of a prisoner that painted the whole building white with the charge of letting him free.

The view at the top of the White Tower

Nea Paralia is bordered by Thessaloniki Port and Megaron Mousikhs. It’s about 3 km stroll beside the sea and it’s a lot of people’s choice when the sun is shining to walk by. Many people say that if the showpiece with the umbrellas would have voice will scream out for the too many pictures taken there! I still can’ t stop shooting them.

The Arch of Galerius, most used with the word “Kamara” by the citizens Thessaloniki is the number one meeting point for the students and protesters.

The building of Rotunda was constructed on the orders of the tetrarch Galerius, who was thought to have intended it to be his mausoleum. It was more likely intended as a temple. After Galerius’s death it stood empty for several years until the Emperor Constantine I, ordered it converted into a Christian church in 326.

Kamara and Rotunda in the background

The port of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is referred as the most suitable city of Greece for the many choices that young people have to choose for their entrainment. Here are some graffiti photos that are throughout the city.

Frappé coffee is the official city’s cold coffee drink. It reflects the casual way of life, which is the greek word “halara”. My personal best way to enjoy this coffee is outdoors, walking around with a good friend and enjoying the city.

Candy Bar, Agias Theodoras 4, Thessaloniki (Greece)

Le Jardin Extraordinarie Cafe, Palaion Patron Germanou 8, Thessaloniki (Greece)

Bougatsa is the traditional delicious city’s pie and is the most lovable choice for breakfast or after a tense night out! The most common filling is cream and cheese.

Bugatsa Yiannis, Mitropoleos 106, Thessaloniki

Once you come here you will never forget this city’s beauty…