My Hunt for the Italian Hustler
Shinza Hioki

I totally ran into the guy today at a gas station here in texas he was driving a kia sorento. Dude’s white he’s got blonde hair and has blueish grayish eyes…he was telling me how he needed to sell his watches right away because he had to go to the airport soon and he was going to get charged alot of money to get the watches back home, so he was telling me “I’ll sell you these five watches for the price of one”. He showed me the website to try to prove that he wasn’t lying on the prices and told me I’d only have to pay him 799 for all 5. I told him no that’s too much and he offered me 300 and i said i don’t got that kind of money right now so he asked how much i did have and i told him 80 bucks so he said I’ll tell you what I’ll give you 3 watches of your choosing. I finally accepted and made the deal and as soon as i got in my car the guy took off and i went and looked up the brand and i saw this, your link and as soon as i read some of your article i took off after the guy thinking i wasn’t going to be able to catch him i gave up and pulled into a 99 cents store parking lot to turn back around and by luck i caught the guy pulling out of that parking lot. I told the guy to turn around and go back to the parking lot and i blocked him off with my car and sure enough he did and i told him about this and about how he did the exact same thing people said in the comments(used a lighter on the leather watch bands,telling me how he is going to the airport soon etc…) i told him to take it all back and he tried telling me how those are lies that it is just people who don’t know what their talking about….etc…he gave me my money back and took off i knew he was lying because he was sweating the whole time….thanks for posting man!! Also some lady in a white chevy tahoe (license plate 89W7348) was watching me looking all nervous on her phone i don’t know if she was an accomplice or something or just watching us because I was making a scene lol

Thanks again for posting!