Daniel Assouline Is an Honest and Emotionally Sound Leader

Daniel Assouline is the former chairman of Montreal, Canada-based UpClick. A leader with outstanding abilities, Assouline was instrumental in helping a start-up to make a name for itself in a very short period of time despite a tough business environment and cut-throat market competition.

In the following section, we shall look at a few of the important leadership qualities that are of utmost importance for a leader to have in the modern and more globalized business environment.

These leadership qualities are important because they build trust in a leader and help make his job of commanding respect and loyalty from his followers much easier. The lesser time you need to convince your subordinates to follow you, the more time you have in your hand to indulge in strategic planning to ensure a faster pace of growth for your organization.

A Leader Must Be Honest

This is one of the most important virtues that a leader wishing to make it big must have. People want their leaders to be honest and practice what they preach.

There was a time when a CEO by his/ her virtue of occupying the highest position in the organization was thought to be honest, straightforward, and upright. A series of scandals seems to have wiped that notion faster than morning mist before a rising sun.

Modern leaders now, as such, have to go out of their way to convince their subordinates of their honesty and honorable intentions. People are no longer going to assume that you are honest just because you have not been caught lying.

Daniel Assouline’s unblemished track record and his propensity to walk the talk have been instrumental in his fast ascend to the top. His workers and subordinates love and respect him, because he never shies away from giving credits where it is due or admitting to mistakes when they have been committed.

Daniel demonstrates honesty within his organization, outside it, and most importantly with himself. He knows that honesty will win you appreciation from one and all, and help you be a better human being as well as a leader.

High Level of Emotional Involvement

This is another very important quality that all good modern leaders possess.

Emotionally sound leaders make a lot of emotional investment in their followers as well as all the things they do. Quality leaders know the art of taking both praise and criticism in their stride without letting any of it going to their head or heart, which otherwise may affect their rational decision-making abilities. These leaders value constructive criticism treating, as it is an important source of feedback for their individual growth as well as the overall growth of the organization.

Daniel Assouline, the former chairman and CEO of Montreal-based UpClick.com, works together with his employees. A leader who is always ready to sacrifice his interest for the overall welfare of the organization, Assouline brings a lot of positivity to the workplace.

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