Daniel Assouline, UpClick Ex-CEO And A Fine Leader

It is important to be a good human being before being a good CEO. Daniel Assouline, UpClick ex-CEO and co-founder, has proved this. Good humans have the potential to lead well. Of course, you need other qualities too to become a successful leader; but having other qualities and not being a good human being ruins everything.

What is a leader without emotions?
CEOs are often thought to be strict people with a serious, stern expression on their faces, not feeling anything. A person with such an attitude cannot become a lovable CEO. People may work under him or her, but either out of compulsion or fear. This is not productive leadership.

Successful leadership is the one in which people want to follow in the footsteps of the leader. They are ready to burn the midnight oil to achieve the common goals of the organization. They work hard because they want to, not because they are compelled to. Such a leader lays the foundation of a healthy and productive work environment.

For this, one has to be emotionally stable. Daniel Assouline, Montreal based businessman seems to fit well in this regard. He is known to take bouquets and brickbats equally well. He believes that criticism should not go deep into the heart and success should not go over the head; otherwise it may wobble their rational decision-making power. An insecure person finds it hard to take criticism constructively and tends to “swell up” at every success.

It is important for a leader to keep a balance in his or her emotions. Yet, at the same time, he or she should possess a certain degree of sensitivity to understand others. An insensitive, indifferent person is not a good leader. People may not want to approach such an individual.

Give respect, take respect
Respect is something that you earn. When people see you as a reliable, honest, and competitive person, they, naturally, want to be in your company. They want to get associated with you to enrich themselves. Daniel Assouline, UpClick co-founder, has proved to be a man of his word, who is intelligent, honest, and approachable.

This he does by respecting others. This includes his subordinates. Every employee in an organization is worthy. They may be in different hierarchical positions in the company, but each one’s work and talent is unique and important. The objective is to come together as a team and work towards fulfilling the common goals of the organization. Such an attitude ensures quick and easy success, and one that stays for a long time.

Talking of teamwork, a leader must be ready to sacrifice his personal goals for the welfare of the organization on the whole. Keeping personal interests in the top-front could be one of the major mistakes that a leader makes. Daniel Assouline, UpClick co-founder, is aware of what can bring the downfall of an organization and what can push it to the zenith of success. He works accordingly… with confidence; he commands respect.