Daniel Assouline, UpClick Ex-CEO Spills the Beans

Daniel Assouline, UpClick ex-CEO and co-founder, offers customized and advanced e-commerce solutions for online merchants. He is a fine entrepreneur, carving a niche in the IT industry. This is a place where people usually chase eye-catching stuff and love high traffic generation.

Daniel’s viewpoint
The ex-CEO of UpClick believes that irrelevant traffic is useless for your business, no matter how high the traffic is. Web masters must focus on attracting relevant traffic that actually brings business to them.

Daniel Assouline suggests the use of different metrics available in the marketing world to determine whether your traffic generation method is good or bad. He also advises to be proactive in the web world. This is a highly dynamic world. Focus and omnipresence are important virtues to develop to thrive here. The competition is huge. If you don’t strive to swim, you will soon sink and drown.

According to Daniel Assouline, Montreal CEO, maintaining blogs, either personal or the company’s, and tweeting updates and posting on Facebook on a regular basis can help you stay ahead of competition. When you let people keep tabs on what you are doing, you stay connected with your audience.

Creating an impression
Daniel emphasizes on being caring to your customers and, at the same time, being socially responsible. Such companies witness a successful future both online and otherwise. They become more closely connected with their customers than those who are simply interested in selling their products anyhow.

Harnessing e-commerce
According to Daniel Assouline, UpClick ex-CEO and co-founder, mankind has seen umpteen numbers of incredible inventions. E-commerce is one of them. How simple it is to open an online account and manage it without geographical limitations!

Businesses are now more at reach with their target customers, irrespective of where they are in the world.

It is easier to spread the news about your business through online means. Once you know the tricks of the trade, you can shine in your web business. Daniel believes that persistence, diligence, and updated knowledge play important roles in making a web business successful, not mentioning the right staff to manage the business and relevant traffic that increases your sales.

Not your average CEO
Some of you might avoid the above advices and suggestions thinking them to be from ‘just some businessperson.’ However, this ‘some businessperson’ is one of the most loved CEOs of the modern times. He is not admired for nothing or for being an average punter. He has excelled in the art of managing people and companies. He co-founded UpClick from scratch. He started his own company from scratch too. Today, both of them are successful.

There is a lot to learn from Daniel Assouline, UpClick co-founder and ex-CEO. Aspiring CEOs look at him as their role model. He is not only a brilliant CEO, but also a fine human being. He smartly balances his professional and personal lives

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