For Daniel Assouline Upclick Was a Master Stroke in Providing a Billing Solution

For Daniel Assouline, Upclick symbolized the emergence of a payment processing platform that would revolutionize ecommerce.

It is the best billing solution in the market today allowing retail merchants to sell their products globally.

A payment processor is the heart of an ecommerce service. It processes, verifies and accepts credit card transactions on a merchant’s behalf through the internet.

Daniel Assouline, Montreal IT specialist was always of the view that small and medium businesses in particular must choose the right payment gateway.

“The right choice alone determines whether the business will be successful or not”.

If the payments procedures on the retail store are not properly set up, entrepreneurs stand to lose plenty of orders or potential customers via sales drop offs.

Assouline has the following suggestions to make for newbie entrepreneurs that are keen to start online trade.

Choose a payment processor that fulfils the following criteria.

• It must accept payments in the region you are conducting business 
• The services must meet your business requirements 
• The offered plans and prices must suit your budget

Importantly, they must perform the operations of collection, authentication, authorization and collection in the best possible manner.

For Daniel Assouline, Upclick proved to be a solution that was secure.

“Taking payments online is quick. It saves the merchants as well as the customers a lot of time”, says Assouline. “But plenty of risks are associated with this method. Therefore it is vital that entrepreneurs must build confidence before they venture into retail selling”.

Here it is important to note that many online merchants are software vendors. They offer different pricing models to the customers.

The two basic pricing models prevalent in the market are:
• One time sale
• Ongoing SaaS Subscription or Software as a Service subscription

Assouline realized that both types have their takers. While one-time pricing is the traditional way, the SaaS method, which is selling the service on a subscription basis, suits many buyers.

In ecommerce it is vital to understand the trend in the market.

Assouline foresaw that mobile share will expand exponentially.

And it did.

Today, globally it is close to 40 percent if not more.

With growing deployment of mobile optimized websites, new mobile services are in demand that can motivate consumers to make purchases via mobile phones.

In the near future, marketers are likely to witness the following trends.

• More focus on conversion and sales to get better results from their online campaigns
• More investment by online retailers in mobile and cross device solutions. 
• Harnessing business opportunities beyond their traditional boundaries.

But Assouline warns, “With growing opportunities also come unknown risks. Information technologist must understand that with more consumers becoming “always-on”, it is essential that all aspects of security must be inclusively addressed”.

The pace at which the electronics and communications telecommunications strategies are changing today is breathtaking to say the least.

Gone are the days when a customer would drive down to a store to buy a product. With tablets and smartphones, a product will be at the buyer’s doorstep with just a few clicks.

Any IT specialist must be quick to foresee the trends of the consumer. For Daniel Assouline, Upclick launch was precisely that — it proved to be more than a just a payment processor. It offered multiple solutions to merchants and affiliates to increase revenue.