Keep busy, bitch

Don’t dabble, focus

Find your beat

And fucking love it

Hold onto it

Through thick and thin

Cast away what does not serve you

And fucking let’s go let’s go

Go down low if you need

But up and smash

Send glass shards flying

Teeth fucking smiling

Don’t let no-good fear

Bruise you within

Dont mull upon nothing

You’re complete

Yet a changeable thing

Growing new

And shedding always


And losing


And bruising

Discovering and forgetting

You’re an evolution baby

Don’t miss the ride by staying inside


The good beats you need to hear

Smile in your ear and breathe

Let that light your eyes up

Dont hold back on another’s account

But listen to your body

Your mind and heart pump together

Treat them kind

And spoil your eyes

To jade seas and crisp sands

To mountain lands

To smiles and smiling eyes

To people that cultivate

That fucking great feeling inside

That cosmic spiral of delight

Of being into your soul

Of loving your humour

Of bonding

Whether that’s over a bottle

An ash tray

Or a bed

Sheets and sweat

In the end you feed that what’s inside

You cultivate the whirlpool

And it is fine to reflect

But keep busy

Don’t mull

Don’t bruise and brood

Don’t withdraw what it is in you that wants to come out

That’s what sends flickers to your eyes

That’s what makes you feel wrong inside

Instead — connect with that person

That weird and wonderful at-ease freak

The one who shakes and shimmies

In elevator mirrors

The one who makes up languages

And sings them in the shower

Then collapses laughing

The one who fucking adores words

The one who sinks into the sea

Of chatting shit with mates

The one who conjurs up battlefields and characters unforgettable

Queens and hags and soldiers and twins

Imps and sluts and gods and monsters

The one who listens to songs

Over and over and over again

The one who wants to be loved

Who asks a billion questions

Who looks beyond the stars

Who can climb mountains

Who yearns to be outside

With his community

Fucking free

Ready to run


Climb trees


Eat good

Use my body

And sleep because I’m exhausted

Sleep because i’m using my body

Sleep because I’m living my life

Not just coasting


Saving for the next thing

Be that what you are inside

Let it fucking shine out

Stop covering vulnerabilities

And awkward tendencies

Your tribe already loves you

Start living, start being alive