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Cori Rose, Union Square Station, NYC, EUA. Foto: Daniel Bacchieri

De acordo com números coletados por 2 projetos voltados para a música de rua (StreetMusicMap & The Busking Project), apenas 13,6% dos cantores/instrumentistas que se apresentam de forma independente em espaços públicos são do sexo feminino. O cálculo é resultado do cruzamento de dados entre o mapeamento mundial iniciado em janeiro de 2014 pelo StreetMusicMap e o cadastro de músicos de rua coordenado pelo The Busking Project (criado em 2010).

Em relação ao StreetMusicMap (canal colaborativo coordenado pelo jornalista Daniel Bacchieri), somente 10.4% (150 filmes) dos 1430 vídeos geolocalizados em 98 países registra mulheres em…

According to numbers collected from 2 global projects focused on street music (StreetMusicMap & The Busking Project), only 13.6% of the street musicians are females

Katie Ferrara, Santa Monica, California, USA (photo by Daniel Bacchieri)

The assembling data has been shared by journalist Daniel Bacchieri, founder of StreetMusicMap, a 5-year world coverage on street music. Just 10.4% of the street musicians in the world geolocated by StreetMusicMap are female artists (featured on 150 videos out of 1,430 short films of buskers in 98 countries). The numbers are not so far up when it comes to The Busking Project platform: no more than 16.8% …

2018 StreetMusicMap’s Top +50 on Spotify, featuring new releases by street musicians from all over the world:

Number of Artists by Countries

(from USA, Brazil, UK, Australia, Germany, Ireland, Nigeria, Spain, Italy, Austria, Ukraine, Chile, Argentina, Colombia)

13 — USA

(Lucky Chops, Pinc Louds, Damiyr, Najah Lewis, Gabriel Mayers, Hot 8 Brass Band, Hungry March Band, Blac Rabbit, Hope Waidley, Too Many Zooz, Moon Hooch, Naia Izumi, Mike Yung)

13 — Brazil

(Picanha de Chernobill, O Bardo e O Banjo, Unidos do Swing, Mescalines, Kick Bucket, StringBreaker and The StuffBreakers, Theo Mizú, Carolina Zingler, Música de Selvagem, Lucia Zorzi

Mapa de Festivais de Música de Rua

178 festivais de música de rua ao redor do mundo já foram identificados e mapeados em pesquisa realizada pelo jornalista Daniel Bacchieri, fundador e curador do projeto StreetMusicMap. Os festivais estão geolocalizados no Google Maps, incluindo eventos na Europa (95 festivais), América do Norte (47), Oceania (20), América do Sul (9), Ásia (5) and África (2). De acordo com Bacchieri, o processo de mapeamento segue em aberto, principalmente para ampliar a identificação de festivais além do eixo América do Norte/Europa.

Top 6 Países — Número de festivais de música de rua (levantamento: StreetMusicMap):

  1. Estados Unidos da América — 28


Map of Street Music Festivals

178 street music events have been identified around the planet in a new study led by brazilian journalist Daniel Bacchieri, founder and curator of StreetMusicMap. The festivals are geolocated on Google Maps, including events in Europe (95 festivals), North America (47), Oceania (20), South America (9), Asia (5) and Africa (2). According to Bacchieri, the research is a work in progress, and it is open to new suggestions regarding street music festivals.

StreetMusicMap is a collaborative listing of street music performers from all over the world created in 2014. It has more than 1,400 artists documented on videos in 97…

I am glad to share that StreetMusicMap was nominated for the second year in a row for The Webby Awards in the Social — Music category.

If you enjoy the project, you can vote here: wbby.co/soc-music

Photo featuring singer/composer Katie Ferrara, taken by Daniel Bacchieri in Santa Monica, California.

As a Webby Nominee, StreetMusicMap has been singled out as one of the five best in the world in its category (and among the top 10% of all work entered) and is competing for the Internet’s two most coveted awards: The Webby Award and The Webby People’s Voice Award.

Created in 2014, StreetMusicMap is a collaborative listing of street music performers from all over…

StreetMusicMap Radio around the world: interview with Katie Ferrara, street musician from Los Angeles, California.

Plan ahead: that's my biggest lesson from the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism Program. My next step is to produce 24 episodes for StreetMusicMap Radio in one year, giving a global approach to the podcast launched in NYC during my experience at the CUNY. The 3rd episode presents the singer/composer Katie Ferrara, from Los Angeles, California:

During the first podcast season, StreetMusicMap Radio is planning to show artists from New York, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile. …

Scene from 'There Will Be Blood' (2007), film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.

StreetMusicMap Instagram got hacked, deleted and restored in less than one hour this Tuesday. That's what i called a 'rollercoaster of emotions', just before our third milestone at the Tow-Knight Program. This short mayhem gave me lifetime lessons about security, no doubt. Four years of research on the spot. And now…WE'RE BACK.

April ends with a Webby Award Nomination for StreetMusicMap (Social — Music Category, sharing the votes with Rolling Stone Magazine Instagram, Beck, producer Mark Ronson and Album+Art Instagram). With 13,000 entries from all 50 U.S. states and over 70 countries, the 21st Annual Webby Awards was the biggest…

Projeto criado pelo brasileiro Daniel Bacchieri tem trabalhos de Beck, Mark Ronson, Revista Rolling Stone e Album+Art como concorrentes. VOTE AQUI

O Instagram do StreetMusicMap, criado e curado pelo jornalista Daniel Bacchieri, é um dos 5 indicados na categoria Social — Music do The Webby Awards. O público em geral pode votar no People’s Voice até 20 de abril, através do link abaixo:


Cerca de 3 milhões de pessoas participaram do processo de votação pela web na última edição do The Webby Awards. Os vencedores de 2017 (Júri Oficial e Júri Popular) serão anunciados no dia 25 de Abril…

UPDATE: StreetMusicMap Instagram got nominated for The Webby Awards in the Social — Music Category. Voting for People’s Voice is open: click HERE.

Michael Taliaferro aka 'Bongo' performing in the L Train, between Manhattan and Brooklyn. Photo: Daniel Bacchieri

New York City is an urban jukebox. And that's the best gift I could expect for the StreetMusicMap project. The city itself is the most powerful living platform for researching street music: a multi-ethnic melting pot full of rhythms, accents and beats.

My main goal during the second half of my journey at the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism is to get deeper into the NYC street music scene, to collect unique stories featuring the greatest artists…

Daniel Bacchieri

Journalist, StreetMusicMap Founder & Curator, Monash University (PhD Candidate), Tow-Knight Alumnus (CUNY)

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