Working internationally. Get international “fuel” for your e-business.

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We all know that most of the products we buy are manufactured in China. Chances are that you (your business) also source some (parts) Products from abroad.

At the same time at least some of your customers are not from your national market. And if not today, for sure “in the near future” you (your business) will start selling internationally. Yes, I know, this does not apply to the grocery store on the corner in your home village.

Given these facts, why would you still rely exclusively on local decision regarding your e-business?

Don’t you think that (some) of your e-business decisions should also come from where your customers and your suppliers are?

You will be amazed to see what REALLY UNDERSTANDING THE LOCAL CULTURE will mean for your e-business.

As IBM used to say … “think global, act local”. And here I would add “understand local culture everywhere”.

We, at epoint, have been working in an international environment for over 18 years now. Get in touch and see how we can add value to your e-business.

E-business — communication, collaboration, commerce.

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