Overcoming Obstacles

By Daniel Bartley Jr

As I write this article I’m listening to ambient music as I put my 2 beautiful children to sleep. I’m pondering on how blessed I am even though I don’t have all things, but I do have everything that matters. I’m currently endeavoring upon creating content that spans the entirety of my existence here on Earth. A living biography through social media and the internet. It’s a lofty and challenging goal, but everyday is a new learning journey. There are tremendous boundaries and opportunities at every corner. Navigating it all is a huge challenge. But that’s the beauty of going after the mountain top. The journey is the beauty of it all.

Now I don’t know about you but I’ve been faced with obstacles since day 1 of my life. Some of you may be older than I am, some younger but we all face these challenges. It’s part of the human story. I met a client today who was a perfect case in point. He was 66yrs young and all his like all he had known was jewelry sales. After the great boom of the internet his business started to tank. In case you didn’t already know, retail has been declining for years, is going to continue to nose dive, and be prepared for it to either crash permanently or take on a new face (had to stick that in important). Anyways to add insult to injury his wife who had provided half of their income for years was part of an accident which left her out of work collecting disability benefits. Their lifestyle was in huge flux and transition. He could’ve easily quit on it all. But instead he took that obstacle and reinvented himself. He got into the insurance business and his wife started selling his jewelry inventory online. What was an obstacle and barrier became a story of victory.

I am a 9–5 job employee, a 5–10p single father (with great support from my ex-wife, family, and friends), a 10p-1/2a CEO/Musician…life has thrown me many obstacles. Life has thrown me many blessings. The obstacles aren’t meant to be crippled by, but to be learned from, grown from, and molded into you. It’s what makes us stronger, smarter, faster, better. I have yet to see someone who has achieved their personal success not get there through hard work, endurance, perseverance, and patience.

Whatever the obstacles are in your life. Use this short article as a reminder that you aren’t alone. Many before you, during, and after your experience in this world have gone through similar or sometimes worst situations. Count yourself blessed that you’re reading this. Aside from the fact that even becoming a human being you beat the odds, most trial, tribulation, pain, is temporary and it is pure futility to dwell on them. Push past the obstacles and you will never regret it. Make it a priority to learn and grow through them all.