This is my journey

By Daniel Bartley Jr

It’s not easy period beginning something new. It’s harder still building a company from scratch. What’s the most interesting is that growth and learning are explosive during the process and the troughs teach you more than the peaks. No matter who you are or what walk of life your coming from, you have to understand that the process is as important as the success. Patience will always be your friend. Being relevant, learning and keeping up to date with your industry, being a master of your craft…its all important. Those aspects are critical to growth.

So I follow Gary Vaynerchuck and there’s a metaphor he illustrates that makes absolute sense: “Tortoise in a hares outfit”. In life its all about being patient enough to know that growing will take time and quick enough to make decisive decisions that make an immediate impact on your goals; period. To quote Gary again “clouds and dirt”.

The clouds are your ideas, goals, aspirations, dreams…the dirt is the hard work that goes into achieving them. I’ve never been more excited to live in a time like this. Social Media and the internet have completely flipped the entire landscape of how business is done and (for the public) they are completely young platforms. Working harder can now truly mean something significant for those taking advantage of the changing tides. Impossible truly is nothing. I would’ve had a much more difficult time 5, 10, 20yrs ago to actually grow my company organically than now. You just have to put in the work. And that’s what I’ve determined in my mind to do. What about you?

Joyce Meyer has a great book called battlefield of the mind where she talks about renewing your mind in every situation. This is the beautiful Wild Wild West where we haven’t seen heavy regulation or overbearing circumstances which stiffle young companies like mine. We are living in an unbelievable and amazing time. Take it, grasp it, work really hard and achieve all that you’ve been designed to achieve.