Who am I … becoming?

Who are you?

Hi, I am Daniel, I am 29 years old from Germany… blablabla BORING!

If someone is asking you who are you, are you automatically repeating this sentence? Why are we limiting ourself so much to this way of identifying ourself? My name, age and where I am from are not at all telling anybody who I am! But if you can’t even express who you are, are you actually aware of who you are?

To many people are wishing who they are, instead of understanding who they are. Self-awareness is the key to happiness and success. Know and accept yourself and go all in you.

The experiences I made are shaping who I am today. People I have and had around me shape who I am. Realisations and learnings on the way shape who I am. My values are describing how I want to live my life. My vision is describing what I believe in and want to dedicating my life to. My goals are describing and my actions are mirroring my believes and attitudes.

What are the most transformational experiences you have been through? Who has shaped you the most and why? 
What have been the key realisations and learnings of your life? 
What are your values and why?
Whats your vision of life, what goals did you set and what actions are you taking towards them?

Next time someone asks you who you are, try to use one those questions to introduce yourself. You could start with sharing your values or your vision. Believe me, the conversation will take a completely different direction.

Clarity in mind is clarity in passion. But at the same time confusion is the source of all renewal.

One of the most powerful realisation I had, is that all can be changed any time. It might just need a little afford.

I experienced over the last years phased of clarity and confusion like ups and downs. During phases of clarity I was extremely strong in executing what I was convinced by that time is the necessary thing to do. I was in complete power of execution.

But then, doesn’t matter if through external or internal impulse, I entered a phase of confusion where things have been unclear. I felt like stuck in what to do and in which direction to go, mostly combined with a phase of low energy. Embracing this phase of confusion as a phase of growth where I am in power of renewal, helped me to gain energy to break though the confusion and reach a new level of personal development. With each loop of clarity and confusion we go though the level of consciousness we reach is higher, mirroring our personal growth. Its up to us how high we aim and how high we climb in the end.

Who we become is up to us!