Sharing is Caring

Issue 3 (Week 48, 2014)

Good ol’ link bait this time! Some amusing stuff, one beautiful video where selfies actually are put to good work and some thoughts on teams and rejection that I think everyone should have in mind… Enjoy!

Work related

Go and Javascript? Holding hands? Is that even possible?

G vs Ø: FIGHT!

On building successful teams you would want to be a part of

These teams trust each other. They have no egos because they gel, they work in unison, they’re not assholes, and they are not downers. They don’t look for the easy way out, they look for the right way out because it’s the right thing to do. They respect one another, they harmonize — and they produce.

Frameless for iOS 8 is the browser that gets out of your way. It’s made for designers and developers who need an easy way to preview prototypes on iOS devices.

Need to create beautiful charts to share?

Medium just opensourced their internal tool ( and created a simple service for you to use (!

!work related

Put your selfie in a music video with John Lennon! #IMAGINE

One of the most beautiful songs ever written too…

Using the 5 why’s technique works in everyday life as well!

Tired of sellers or mistresses calling or messaging you in the worst possible hours? Try this app out!

Random stuff (aka Fjas)

If You Like True Detective…

In the podcast Serial, journalist Sarah Koenig deep dives into the case of Adnan Sayed, a Baltimore youth who was, perhaps erroneously, convicted of murdering his girlfriend in 1999. Check it out. (Note: I heard it was good, but haven’t heard it yet).

30 Days of Rejection Therapy

Wanna get or send handwritten letters from a robot? His name is Bond.