My Presidential Prediction (in Limerick Form)

Image licensed under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License by Gage Skidmore (from WikiMedia Commons)

The current presidential cycle
Has been both inspiring and spiteful.
After profound reflection
I am left with two questions:
Are we saved? or, Are we suicidal?

Many voters have the perception
That their favorites are A+ without question,
But opponents disagree
And some bitterly decree
That some mothers should have used contraception.

Whoa!! Emotions are out of control
And bias is taking its toll,
So let’s take a break
And for our own sakes,
Examine each candidate’s role.

Things started off rather predictable:
Only Clinton and Bush seemed electable.
But the merde hit the fan
When Donald Trump also ran.
Shock and awe have now become intractable.

The Dems headlined their veteran Clinton,
With the presidential bug she’s been bitten,
But she lost in ’08,
Obama cleaned her plate,
But SHE’S B-A-A-C-K, and she’s clearly not quittin’.

Then from out of the blue came Bernie,
Who’s gone on a socialist journey;
He’s drawn huge crowds,
Made young progressives proud,
But his campaign’s now clattering on a gurney.

The Republicans were told to want Jeb,
But his vim seemed to flow and ebb.
With his strategy lacking,
He took a shellacking.
He’s now a dead fly in Donald Trump’s web.

Donald Trump?? His party he’s upended.
He doesn’t care who’s he’s offended.
His opponents are aghast;
But his fans think he’s a blast
Ever since from Trump Tower he descended.

He doesn’t play by any rules,
But Hillary thinks she can take him to school.
Can she withstand his meanness
Or his self-proclaimed genius,
Or will she fall in a self-dug cesspool?

See, many consider Clinton unreliable,
But slightly more find Trump undesirable.
It seems that this autumn
May be a race to the bottom.
But the aftershocks will be undeniable.

Voting’s aimed to make us feel better;
We’re told it’s a noble endeavor,
But at the end of the day,
There’ll be hell to pay
No matter what, we’ll be more pissed than ever.

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Daniel Berenson

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