It is 01/11/17 at 12:17AM on a Tuesday

Environmental sustainability is important to me because it is a time sensitive issue. The choices we make, but more importantly the choices we already have not made, will have implications in our lifetimes. I believe it is the defining issue of our generation, but it is not as great of a priority because we have not felt the brunt of its effects.

If you know climate change is real, please do your part to protect this earth. Knowing is not the same as acting! I firmly believe if I am not doing my part then I am contributing to the problem. It does not take much effort to contribute — small choices make big impacts. Use less, save more and you’ll start to see more money in your bank account! Your dollar matters more than you know.

So, spend it on organic chicken produced by a local farmer vs Perdue chicken. Donate to the Nature Conservancy instead of spending it at a retail store. Challenge yourself to wait just one more year to buy a new phone. Reconsider using another plastic cup, say no to a plastic bag (or bring your own!), eat less beef, pick an item of trash off the street, cut showers by a minute, use public transportation instead of cars. All these small decisions will make a bigger difference in the future than you think!