Don’t worry MOM! I’m going to University.

That being said, I’ve contemplated dropping out, I’ve contemplated doing a gap year, I’ve even thought about joining the military to escape the clutches of a higher education. However, even with all of those options I still went to University. Why? Simply, it’s the one of the most valuable if not the most valuable use of your time upon graduating high school. I was asked by someone that had read my previous article if university is just a waste of time? Furthermore, I had been asked if that article meant I was dropping out of university. To the people that asked those questions I think you may have misjudged my opinion on university and receiving a higher education.

Look, university is obviously great for going into accounting, law, medicine, teaching, the sciences and a couple other areas but for for everything else university is good. Not great. Just good. Getting a degree makes you massively more employable than someone without it and receiving more education can often mean a more reputable job. However, not everyone is looking to be employed and the more education you have does not always mean you’ll have a higher chance of being employed. If my goal is to be employed at Google or Amazon, 9/10 times they will hire the candidate that has developed or started something. On a different level if a company was hiring a salesman would they rather hire the candidate that has tons of retail experience or the person that studied it in university? Don’t just study; execute. If you think university is waste of time, you’ve lost. That’s why I only said a few classes are a waste of time (I still firmly believe that).

That being said I think the current stage of the internet and hearing about all the great success stories like Mark Zuckerburg’s, and all the other million/billion dollar dropouts that founded tech startups has influenced youth to pursue entrepreneurship when maybe the shouldn’t. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t translate into being successful 99/100 times. If you think it’s easy than you are very wrong. It’s hard, it’s late nights & early mornings. Do you really think you can be the next Mark Zuckerberg? I don’t mean that in a harsh way I mean that in a realistic way. Maybe you’re better off not founding a company.

I know the chances in business, I’m very aware that they are incredibly slim. That being said, this is not a hobby for me. This is the life I want to live. Most people won’t work 15–19 hours a day to make things happen. Will you? I have and continue to do. Most people don’t work hard for the life they want. Most people don’t get Gary Vaynerchuk on their show within the first four months of starting it, at 17 years old. Yeah entrepreneurship has become to sexy thanks to Mark Zuckerberg along with others and that’s why many fail. I won’t stop paying attention, just my attention is in other places and not in my Microeconomics class. You’re right, I’ve yet to make a dollar, but I’ve been more educated and learned more by doing this than in Marketing or Business Leadership class. I will learn a lot and work hard in everything I do but the lessons may not only come from the classroom.

Have no worries mom, I see the value in a degree in a broken education system and world that has not opened up to the alternatives.

— What are your thoughts on pursuing high education? What would you say to someone considering dropping out?