Why I never pay attention in half my University classes

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a 17 year old first year business student with a passion for entrepreneurship is writing this article. That being said, I think in certain classes especially within a business program a student is better off not focusing on the 3 hour lecture from their professor. My economics professor is crazy hard to understand! He often talks about one thing and without warning jumps to another topic. On top of the disconnected lecture the way he talks to the class is like a bottle of Pinot Noir, dry, no change in tone, no emphasis, nothing. For 80% of the class, his teaching style does not help our learning. That is why I am writing this during his class (I know I’m a rebel;) aha).

The education system is changing drastically if you zoom in. Universities are introducing more “practical education” through work placements, study abroad programs and so on. Vs. The traditional sit down and listen theoretical learning. There are even apps, videos, free online courses that have been created to help students get an education. Cites like Khan Academy, Open Course, and Crash Course — Crash Course is one of the main cites I use to learn microeconomics. I love their videos! As much as this may come as a surprise I even review the textbook at times.

All I am trying to propose is that it’s not the 20th century anymore and the education system has not adapted to the times. People are individuals and everyone learns differently! People are not products. The system is still trying to raise workers and not everyone is designed to work at a desk job. The system doesn't recognize that opportunities are everywhere! You can now pursue your passion, pursue what makes you happy without comprising financial stability (Crazy I know). In my opinion University can’t teach you how to be an entrepreneur, how to be a YouTuber, how to be a dance coach, how to create content, how to use Facebook ads, the list goes on!

You can do so much with your life that the generations before us didn't have the opportunity to. Everyone only has 24 hours to create. I hope that being smart in your education, using “hacks” like education cites helps you create and accomplish your goals. In my 24 hours I won’t waste 3 hours learning about theoretical equilibrium and the elasticity of demand/supply. I will work smart in my education but I also will work hard in my business/podcast. I encourage only the same. I encourage you to recognize the value of your time and try to take advantage of every hour in the day.

So as he discusses the elasticity of demand, I will continue to create, learn microeconomics in a way that is most effective to me and spend my time creating the life I want to live, helping others, making a positive impact on the world, starting discussions and taking advantage of every hour of the day.

How will you spend your time?