Soccer: The Greatest Sport in the World

Soccer. Played, watched, and studied by millions and for good reason. It’s simply the best sport in the world and for those of you who disagree let me share my reasons on why it’s the best sport in the world and why it’s called “The Beautiful Game”.

I’ve played soccer for 14 years now and have followed professional soccer for more than 6 years. I have studied soccer through different culture, people, traditions, and through the game itself. Still to this day I question why some people cannot see soccer being the greatest sport in the world. With that being said I respect every sport known to man but there is something about a sport that over 225 million boys and girls, men and women play consistently every day. A sport if not the only sport in the world that can unite every country and everyone in those countries together in peace. For example, before the world cup in 2014, Many Americans went about there lives intrigued by more popular american sports as in football, baseball, and basketball. Don’t get me wrong for there were a lot of soccer fans in america at the time soccer dwelled behind the other sports…until the world cup rolled along.

Thursday, June 12th, everything changed. It seemed as if every american stopped what they were doing and decided to support the men’s soccer team. I was shocked, surprised, to see the passion that everyone showed that day. Besides your usual soccer fans, everyone the day before seemed uninterested but boy was I wrong. That day everywhere I went people were in full cry because of soccer. The mindset of all Americans changed and at that point I knew soccer was alive in the land of the free and I couldn’t of been happier. June 16th, 6:00 pm, the day of the first game for the boys. Our opponents, Ghana, a team with plenty of speed and talent to spark magic at any moment against any team. We all knew it would be a battle to the end and that it was. We scored in the 1st minute of the game and soccer fans all over the nation erupted like no other fans have before. To see our own “Captain America” Clint Dempsey strike the ball into the net, it brought pride, hope, and joy to american hearts as well as mine. This goal meant more than just 1 point. At the time america was in the worst financial downfall since the Great Depression. Millions needed something, anything to hold on to, something that individually brought hope and a smile and it turns out that goal sparked a chain reaction. That goal made people cry tears of joy because for months and months times have been hard for your average american and when that moment struck, the monkey on everyone’s back had disappeared. Typical Ghana came back to score in the 82nd minute and it hurt but it didn’t stop us from giving up. Sure enough in the 86th minute, John brooks scored for the U.S. and people went mental! we ended up winning 2–1 in a great soccer game.

The next day came and the newspapers, local news, and all of social media were blowing up about the game. The U.S. was now a country fully behind soccer and soccer only. To take a step back and think that only 2 week ago people were oblivious to soccer and could care less about the sport… it really showed me that soccer has the power to uplift anyone at any time. I don’t know of another sport that has this kind of positive power, to unite not just Americans but everyone around the world. For a month and one day there was peace on earth. No country was attacking another country, Nobody was out to get anyone else, the only thing people around the world cared about was soccer. If that doesn’t prove that soccer is the greatest sport in the world then I don’t know what can.

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