Swift as Open Source: another Apple master move

Daniel Bonates
Oct 7, 2015 · 2 min read

First, let me state this:

Apple is not doing any charity releasing Swift as open source to the community. It’s just another *master move*, and I tell you why.


Just se how many programming languages are being adapted to build mobile apps and games. Need examples? Ruby on RubyMotion, C++ on Cocos2D-X, Javascript and their infinite frameworks like Ionic Framework running on Apache Cordova to serve mobile native apps (iOS and Android), Titanium, etc etc…

The Strategy

So, there’s a lot of options out there and this is pretty confusing at first, so it’s a quite common question for both beginners and advanced developers who are on their firsts steps on making apps: “should I go hybrid or native?” and “Which language or framework should I adopt?”. But despite the fact that there are already good options out there, with Swift on community hands as open source, supported and powered by Apple and their marketing, I’m pretty sure that it will became another big and actractive option, with a big plus. See, if one can learn and make apps in Swift, he or she will still be where Apple wants him, I mean, on their iOS native side of platform, but probably with a multiplatform product in hands. That’s it! And that explains also why Apple is making a huge effort to make Swift so easy for begginers. It’s part of their strategy, to make it a easy and standard choice for mobile development, while keep their traditional development ecosystem and making iOS stronger.

So, no surprise, just Apple being Apple, one more time…

All the best,
Daniel Bonates

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