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Why can’t you get a job?!

I just finished reading @Branden Byers article and was inspired to write after I read over this portion and understood what he had felt.

I iterated through many callings: waiter, massage therapist, playwright, mask maker, photographer, podcaster, and published cookbook author. Most of these weren’t successful. Aside from the intensity of writing a book under a tight deadline, none of these paths challenged my brain like I craved. I became frustrated with my lack of purpose.

I’m not a 9–5 type and I don’t ever seeing myself reaching that point. I’m a night owl and I work from late afternoon until midnight or 3 a.m. I create custom WordPress themes for my clients and that, drives my passion. Since graduating high school, I could never seem to land on work that made me happy until I found HTML, then CSS and now PHP functions mixed into WordPress. I took electronic courses in a technical college and got a degree in it, but the most I used it for was to build two Elecraft radios and understand Amateur “Ham” Radio more. I spent so much time looking for work in it that I finally drained myself of the interest in it. I read an RF engineering book from front to back, understanding most of it. I went to a university but the imaginary numbers led to my dislike of the advanced math classes and all I thought about was design. I had yet to discover at that point what graphic design was. I had friends in that degree but I only knew about art and illustrations since my childhood. I held many jobs during my high school, college and university days. I’d start and work. The longest job I held for two years before I had a good excuse to quit it only to work somewhere else during a summer event at the beach for three months. There’s always been the push to ‘get a job’ but I could never keep it too long. Reason was, I’d get bored real quick with the job and needed to move to something else. Now, I’ve yet to get bored with WordPress (it’s been ten years) and pushing out a new client’s design. It’s still intriguing and mesmerizing. I returned to woodturning after five years out of it, even built a shed, bought the lathe, the tools and more. Year and a half has gone by, the interest waned. I still want to do it but I keep the shed locked with my ‘maybe’ plans. Then I found that I spent alot of time taking pictures, back when it was Google Plus Photos and the webware would automatically show you the best photos first. I took over 20,000 photos on the small Samsung smartphone and when the online algorithms showed me the best compositions, I learned real quick what to look for. I finally spent a year researching a professional camera and purchased the Sony a6000. It’s been a new adventure. A new hobby that drives me just the same as creating WordPress themes. It’s been helpful in balancing me out. Just in the first few months of owning the new camera, I had almost 10,000 photographs already. I’m not interested in becoming another wedding photographer but I’m interested in learning more about lighting in a practical way. When I build themes, like the last project I had, here’s an idea of how I worked. I woke up at 9 a.m., drank my homemade iced coffee, sat in a very comfortable chair in the dark, put in my mushroom-capped earphones, turned on’s Epic Trance or my own playlist, then opened Panic’s Coda and started building the theme from scratch (I’ve since created a base theme with no frills.), and worked until noon. Some days, I ate a light meal and others, I coded right through without interest to eat. Then would work from 3 p.m. up to 5 p.m. Eat supper, then work from 7 p.m. up until midnight or 3 a.m. Go to sleep and start all over again. I’d make myself available via email for communication with my family and asked not to be disturbed. I find I work much better as a freelancer (self-proprietorship) because I can be my own boss and work one-on-one with my clients, keeping track of time and to-do’s all over email. I’m more relaxed and I can listen to music without a need to join in on meetings. I don’t take phone calls as anything said is not well remembered but if that’s the only way, I make mention that I’m keeping notes of the entire conversation and sometimes I record all of it so I can go back and listen to it, but that’s few and far between. That’s why I like email, because I can keep tasks in my Inbox until I’m done with them. I hope that if you’re still reading this up until this point that you will come and look at my portfolio website, and maybe we can work together. And follow me on Instagram to see my photography.