Why Frank Zappa is the Voice America (Still) Needs
Molly MacGilbert

It’s amazing that a man who died 25 years ago still can have an impact on today’s world through work that he did all those years ago.

The man was an amazing thinker, and musician. And he had something to say.

He affected my life in so many ways and continues to. When I saw your article I had to read it. Anything on Zappa for me and it was terrific. Thank you for this.

And to think, I only got into him because I had an old calender from a radio station back in the 80’s and I was looking to see which rock star I shared my birthday with. When i saw it was someone named Frank Zappa, well I had to check him out. Not an easy thing to do considering the bulk of his work, but it has been ultimately worthwile.

“Information is not knowledge

Knowledge is not wisdom

Wisdom is not truth

Truth is not beauty

Beauty is not love

Love is not music

Music is best.”