The NFL’s 10 MOST RACIST Head Coaches

youre a complete goddamn idiot and race baiter…the NFL is racist alright…racist against WHITE people…and all races that arent BLACK ….the nfl excludes all non black races pretty much the league is made up of about 90% blacks and they still whining for more black coaches and more black qbs…the racist black players want all whites out of footbal..the only place where black racism is worse is the nba and ALL government jobs…those 2 are about 98% black infested whats even more stupid is that the only race that supports the nfl and nba financially are stupid moron whites that pay these racist blacks money to watch them “pay ball”. in the nba…how impressive is it to watch a 8 ft gorilla to toss a ball into a hoop 2 ft over its head really? and need i mention how the great black hope kim newton flopped so pathetically in the superbowl when the homo sports writers kept insisting that hes the best quarterback in the league….hes not even top 20 of nfl QBs he couldnt complete a f yd out pattern omg stop whining blacks…the league will be gone when white people finally decide to stop wasting their time and money on this mindless nfl garbage…nothing but a waste of time