React Native — React now, Native later

Making the decision

  • It is JavaScript based — I am more experienced in JS than .net
  • It offered the promise of producing a native app and was flexible for extensions
  • Airbnb decided to use it (And they know what they are doing, right?)
  • It was backed by a big company (Facebook) so we assumed its gonna stick around
  • It’s free (Did I mention already that we were bootstrapped?)
  • I saw the presentation when it was revealed on React Conf and thought it was THE SHIT! (A little bias is unavoidable)

The Experiment Begins … and succeeds (seemingly)

React-Native is bleeding edge technology

  1. Checkout
  2. Get a weird error

Cross-Platform is more a wish than a reality

React Native is not really as expandable as you might think

  1. Wait for these dependencies to update their code (might never happen)
  2. Fork dependencies and update by yourself according to your needs (after some iterations that basically means you did a rewrite)
  3. Contribute if its open source (you cannot really do that for all of them)
  4. Don’t update react-native at all (which just delays the problem)

What about code reuse on Web?



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