Do you send thank you notes to your customers?

My name is Dan Canfield and I own Bellies to Babies, a second hand maternity clothing company with 4 locations. I have a passion for retail and do everything I can to go against industry norms in my business. Is this risky? Yes, but before I roll out any new programs I always test, test, test, then throw resources at the ideas that work.

I recently implemented a program in all of our stores to send thank you notes to new customers who just signed up on our member list. I really didn’t think this was a WOW idea but it has had a huge impact on our business and really creates a personal relationship with each new customer.

When was the last time you received a thank you note from a store you bought something from….NEVER RIGHT?

Unlike a thank you email you may receive for signing up for a store’s mailing list, a thank you note has a real feel to it and can’t be deleted as fast.

The life cycle of an email is 5 seconds then it is deleted forever.

The life cycle of a thank you note goes like this:

The customer opens the thank you note, skims it then sets it on the counter. That night he/she shows their spouse the thank you note and says something like, isn’t this cool, I got this from X store for just buying a pair or pants. Then the thank you note moves to the kitchen table / desk and is looked at 1 more time before being thrown out and reminds the customer to come back in to get those pair of X they wanted (the thank you note also has an offer inside it as well to create a sense of urgency for repeat purchases).

Effective right? Are you going to start sending thank you notes now?

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