It’s All About Happiness: 3

Standing on the post before the assembled crew, I slowly stretched out, in full view of all assembled, then I began.

“I am pleased that you consented to this gathering, I assume everyone received their personal collectors as they arrived?” A gentle jingling of metal tags was the reply as I paused to assess the mass of crew members.

“I have some good news for you all. There is a single planet in this system that has sentient life on it, they are bipedal and have no significant personal defenses.” I paused as the positive emotional response rolled across the collective mental link.

“The second part of this good news is that we can trigger the positive energy needed to fill our collectors and get these aliens to give us all the fuel we need to completely refill the ships tanks.” The wave of positive response across the communal line was almost euphoric.

I continued, “All we have to do is make physical contact with these aliens, get up close to them, and start our own healing cycle. This will result in a reciprocal action from the aliens, thus filling your collectors. Now, go and make these aliens healthy.”

I left the speech where it lay and jumped off the post, heading back to the command deck.

*Part 4 tomorrow morning.*

Copyright — Daniel O Casey 2017

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