It’s all about happiness:4

** ** **

“One of your better landings Joe.”

“Thanks Sam,” Joe looked pleased at my compliment, “I better go get my collectors and head out. The ghost crew will be able to take care of the ship until we get back.”

I watched Joe as he bounded out the hatch, off to explore this warm blue and green planet, I envied him his freedom as I was only going to be able to head out for a cycle or so before I was needed back here to direct the flow of fuel back to the holding tanks.

* * * One week later * * *

“Well, Joe? Did you enjoy your shore leave?” Naturally I was addressing his back, as his head was immersed in the sensor readout array.

His answer, muffled as usual, basically sounded affirmative. I turned back to the macro-screens, watching as the little blue green marble of a planet receded into the distance. Noticing the impending trans-leap line approaching just past that big ringed red planet, I sighed. The details of being Commander were getting tiring, maybe it was time to revert to my previous post of Medical Tech and let somebody else try to run things for a while.

“This is First Commander, Delta Pride. We will be engaging trans-leap in seven minutes, we’re full up and on the way out. Brace yourselves until trans-leap’s engaged and then it’s a couple hundred cycles until we get to our original destination of the twin stars. It’s good to have you all back. Alpha Delta out.” I snapped off the communication system and slumped back onto the command couch.

“Joe, you have command for a bit, I am going to catch a quick cat nap.”

Not waiting for a reply I closed my eyes, tucked my nose under my tail and let the exhaustion claim me.

Copyright — Daniel O Casey 2017

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