Nothing Left to Lose

May 4, 2017 — Story a Day

“Fine. Y’all think you’re better than me? Let’s settle this once and for all!” I indicated the kill scores from last raid on the base. “Highest hit to kill ratio on this incoming swarm gets bragging rights for the next full rotation.”

Jazz nodded agreement. We two had been competing for ages now, each of us talking the other down. Being a gunner on the Lunar defense base didnt’ come with many bragging rights so we had to make our own.

I wasn’t sure I could back this boast, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to back down now. Faced with an increasing number of the alien drones in the targeting scopes, I slammed the safeties off and started picking off the space-born insectoids. It’d be easier if they didn’t look like human sized spiders in spacesuits.

Primal fear surged through me as one of the drones got too close for comfort, I could see it’s multifaceted eyes through the targeting scope before it was wiped out of existence by a spear of tangible light.

Jazz crowed from my left, “Ha! You owe me one Strobe!”

I noted he was right, just as I picked two inbound bogies off before they could take down his primary ion-cannon. “Now we’re even.”

The next ten minutes were frantic, trading spots back and forth at the top of the kill-score board by seconds we three systematically and methodically blew away anything that came into range.

It stopped as suddenly as it had started. Jazz’s knuckles white with fear, he shifted back and drew a ragged breath. “You can have the damn title, I’m transferring. I can’t do this anymore, how the hell do you manage?”

“Nothing left to lose old friend. I’ll miss you.”


Just for kicks and obviousness, this is all copy-write covered by Daniel O Casey, but you can share and link as desired.

Thanks to Shaunta Grimes for the awesome drive, this is great.

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