The Nature of Reality?

This is the kind of stuff that wanders through my alleged mind when I’m not guarding the gates…

As I awake today, for the second day in a row, without having gotten up at midnight and four AM with the screaming mimi (Thing (that goes bump in the night,) the younger), I am taken by the notion that the chances of this reality being the same as the one I have been recently inhabiting (with the nocturnal bumping things) being very slim indeed.

So the question now becomes, when we sleep, does our world change? or is it the same sequential/causal events that were set in motion before we resigned our awareness for the night?

Any thoughts? I am somewhat unsettled by this, but as I live my life much like a plasma cloud anyhow, unsettled is not a really bad thing I suppose.

There have been some wonderfully insightful philosophic studies on the nature of consciousness and awareness, linking these two aspects to the nature of perceived reality,
check out this quick listing by google
google search “perceived reality”

The ulitmate result of which, when all is said and done, is….

Relax, it’s all in your head.

Ok, back to work here.

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