The slam poems taught me much more than hundred talks

We had a task: to make a slam poem. At first, I thought I would fail the grade, or, at least, I would pass with a three (being positive). I have never been good at making creative stuff. For example, I lost art education several times in highschool. I achieve to recover because of the presure imposed by my grandmother (I felt she would have killed me if I had failed a grade).

Because of knowing that I am not an artistical person, I began to create the poem a month before the deadline and the video two weeks before. I began too early in comparison with other of my classmates who made the slam from a week until a day before the deadline (I will not mention names in order to mantain them safe).

The topic was not easy to choose. We had to be expressive. Sadly, I am not a sensitive person, I mean, I am, but in certain situations. I am not a person who takes seriously the critiques unless they be well argued and come from people who I respect. Besides an intelligent person does not critique just because. Therefore I am not the kind of person who has a secret hate or dissastisfaction.

I decided to comment about the gym. Many people think either you are intelligent or you are physically skilled. Consequently they find in that opinion an excuse to be lazy. I have been in the “fit” life for 10 months; in fact, that has been the most difficult thing that I have ever done. Mentally it is exhausting, physically as well, obviously. It is really hard go to the gym after a ten hours day, taking into account that you have to do works from the university.

Before beginning to go to the gym I considered that reading, writing, learning english and learning about pedagogy, all at the same time was difficult. However I discovered that there are worse things.. I wake up at 7, I am in the university from 8 to 6, after I go to the gym, then I watch tv, exactly during one hour, finally I do my works until 11 or midnight, then I go to sleep. It is not a killing routine, but I feel the fatigue. After arriving home from the gym I do whatever I must do. Afterward I had killed myself during two hours, doing anywork, activity or duty seem easy for me. Actually,in my rest day I feel that I have too much freetime.

In conclusion, the exercising has given me another sight about my personal life. I tried to show that in the slam poem. I also analyzed that my classmates put the same or even more effort in their poems. Due to that I paid attention carefully to each of the slam poems. I knew that they had something to say to the world, or to us, in order to be understood and respected.

Duban is a close friend. I knew he loved the musical urban genres, but in the poem he expressed himself so avidly that I understood his giant feeling. We hear what people tell us everyday, even so, we forget the words easily. I will never forget the slam poems, the feelings, the effort put on, the rhymes, the voices… I will not forget everyone expressing themselves, exposing their souls.

That is why the slam poem taught me much more than talking face to face with anyone. I learnt a little more about each one of my classmates. At the end we are people, we have to be human beings. Just because we are being educated and literate that does not mean we have to stop having feelings. It is more important knowing and helping a person about a personal problem than quoting what said certain author in his book or speaking five languages perfectly.