If you’re feeling frustrated by distractions on Facebook — ads, sponsored posts, lists of links you never use in sidebars, etc — give the FBPurity plugin a try (compatible with all current browsers): https://www.fbpurity.com/

Once you get it installed, head to Facebook in a new tab and the FBPurity screen will appear on top of the Facebook user interface. You can explore the options available — short descriptions appear when you hold your mouse cursor over each option.

On the options screen there’s an “Import Settings” link (bottom left corner). The default settings are already a good step up from “normal” Facebook, but if you’d like to give an aggressive set of adjustments a try, use the settings file at this link: https://file.io/nDF2o6

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Highlighted: The “import settings” link to load a settings file

If you want to start over with the default FBPurity settings, simply click the “Reset Settings” link (bottom right corner).

ClearCom is a major player in the world of headsets/beltpacks for communication among technicians and production staff for events, concerts, theatre, and more. However, ClearCom products are extremely expensive, leading many to compromise heavily on the functionality they need vs what they can afford. As a result, ClearCom maintains several differentiated product lines, including continuing to create products for their old analog “partyline” system, which many still use today — simple 1- or 2-channel voice communications where everyone on the system for the same channel can hear everyone else. …

The purpose of a resume when applying for jobs is to describe a candidate quickly, succinctly and to convey their most important/valuable/relevant qualifications to the prospective employer. One common resume mistake that candidates make is including a list of skills, technologies, and/or tools that the candidates feels describe themselves.

Skills lists should never, ever be used on resumes. No exceptions. Full stop.

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After reading the statement above, you likely have one of these four reactions:

  • Supporter: “Yeah man, right on, totally agreed, skills lists suck”
  • Defender: “That’s completely wrong and I’ll tell you exactly why skills lists are the best thing since sliced bread”
  • Apologist: “That’s too strong — skills lists aren’t great…

This is:

  • a list — in no particular order — of recurring resume writing errors I find
  • formed from my personal perspective after reading easily tens of thousands of resumes over the last 15 years as a hiring manager, interviewer, recruiter, and mentor
  • specifically tailored for candidates in the information technology sector, including software engineering, network engineering, information security, product management, and program management roles
  • relevant to candidates seeking jobs in the United States (I have some experience with resumes geared for certain international markets, but this document is not written for those areas)
  • a general brain dump accumulated over…

Serial consoles sound like an obsolete technology at first blush — after all, when was the last time you saw an RS-232 port on a computer, much less anyone actually using it for something? However, serial consoles remain the gold standard for out-of-band management of many enterprise-grade network devices. The format has changed a little, with many devices using RJ-45 ports to increase density vs. the wider legacy RS-232 standard, but the pinouts and underlying functionality remain the same — almost inevitably, an engineer has to dig up an adapter to convert USB to RS-232, and another adapter to convert…

Faced with a 4-hour layover today at JetBlue’s Terminal 5 in New York’s John F. Kennedy airport, I planned to catch up on email, work on my to-do list, and generally make the most of the afternoon. JetBlue proudly advertises its free WiFi services on large signs thoroughout T5, and previous trips to/through T5 have allowed me to experience the excellent quality of Internet service available. I was ready to roll.

Or so I thought.

Upon arrival at JFK, I ordered a chicken Stromboli for lunch, found a table, pulled out my laptop, and … waited in vain as minute…

We live in an age of information technology where the annual revolutions are marked by product releases and where consumers and producers alike debate the merits of individual devices. No longer do we experience leaps and bounds along the rocky journey toward the maturity of smartphones, tablets, or homes filled with smart appliances — we have arrived.

One side effect of this new world, however, is the feeling of familiarity that comes with the availability of information technology devices as consumer commodities. When you can purchase a new phone, computer, or wireless router from convenience store down the block for…

Daniel C. Eckert

Designer of cloud datacenters, networks, software, supply chain, & product strategies. Architect, engineer, entrepreneur, advisor, mentor. www.danielceckert.com

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