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Ghost restaurants on Seamless

I always wondered why so many restaurant serve free stale popcorn. Mystery solved!

I’m lucky enough to have a Seamless credit for lunch several times per week. Overwhelmed by over 450 choices, I usually default to salads. Craving some variety, I look for places that offer healthier options. I stay away from pizza, burgers, fat sandwiches, etc…

Most of the restaurants that I pick come with free stale popcorn. But like, only sometimes? Thinking that it might be a midtown Manhattan thing, I didn’t think too much of it. What really got me thinking was why all of the make-your-own-salad ingredients seemed to have the same options. I started feeling like the quality of the food was same after sampling a few different places 🤔.

The mystery really wasn’t hard to crack. A coworker turned me on to the obvious — a lot of Seamless’s corporate restaurant options have the same address. Something 🐠 🐟 🐡 seems to be going on here.

With a little more research, I found that these articles have summarized the same exact thing. Our neighborhood Green Summit Group has been pulling a fast one on us all!

There are several others that aren’t captured. But luckily, I wrote a quick JS script to run to hide some of the duplicates.

jQuery( document ).ready(function($) {
var resCount = jQuery('.restaurant h4 + p').size();
var seen = {};
$('.restaurant h4 + p').each(function() {
var restaurantName = $(this).html().toLowerCase();
if (seen[restaurantName]) {
} else {
seen[restaurantName] = true;
$('#options h3 + p').html(resCount + ' restaurants open at the date and time chosen');

✌ ️Dan