The unseen eclipse

I have a memory of the solar eclipse from 1994. I was in kindergarten (I had a beard then, too) and I saw a glimpse of it through a skylight at my elementary school.

Many many moons later, yet another solar eclipse shines some new light. I decided to watch the eclipse in DUMBO. More specifically, Brooklyn Bridge Park. Unbeknownst to few, I go to this park a lot.

I didn’t have any super fancy glasses, but I did have my camera. I started in Brooklyn Heights and walked along the promenade. A friendly science teacher let me borrow her super fancy glasses and also had a home made special box for viewing the eclipse. After getting a quick glimpse, I started walking towards the water.

I sat down and stared directly into the sun. Just kidding, I watched the sky, observed my surroundings and waited for 2:44pm. I expected it to get dark outside and I was really excited to capture the BTS of the eclipse.

Doing a few quick test shots of the sky confirmed that my filterless camera couldn’t capture much of the eclipsed sun.

There were some interesting cameras and characters. I expected a different type of crowd, or maybe even a larger crowd. This felt like a typical walk in the park.

More sitting and more waiting. After 2:44pm hit, I realized that the light wouldn’t change. I did feel a slight temperature drop, but that could have been a wind shift. A few minutes later, I started heading towards Brooklyn Heights again

I fired one last test shot of the sun in hope that I could capture some eclipse action, but nothing! On the walk back on Washington Street, I saw some high production wedding photography happening. There must have been a crew of 10 people working on these photos. It’s a tough job, also because this street is a real street. MOM! CAR!!!

✌ ️Dan

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