Times Square in Rush Hour

I don’t usually spend time in Times Square. It takes 10 minutes to walk one block. It’s not really my favorite place to be as a commuter. Ever since moving back to New York City, I’ve been enjoying pretending that I am a tourist. As a visitor, I don’t mind the place as much.

I brought my camera to work and spent some time really paying attention to some classic NYC details when the workday ended.

I never knew that “The Ball” was up all year.

It’s going to take a while before New York architecture and streets get old.

I ran into my favorite person! And she took my favorite hat.

After meeting with B, I went back to the thick of Times Square to catch the train home. But before I did, I made sure to detour for some interesting windows and lights.

Everyone has a story to tell. Some people write it on signs and others wear it on their sleeves.

Before I caught my train to get out of Times Square as fast as possible, I focused on capturing motion.

✌️ Dan

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