Photo by Ruvim Noga on Unsplash

Are you afraid of expressing imperfectly?

As a writer, or as anyone attempting to create something, there is always a subtle desire to produce something of quality, meaning, edginess, uniqueness, and so on.

These are labels. Sometimes, they are of value. Other times capable of paralyzing the creative spirit by the obsession of reaching them.

In some sense, the world is infinite. There are no limits — to the world or to you. If you’re uncomfortable with the term and concept of infinity, let’s just say there are a lot of variables in the world and your life.

What purpose does a desire to control the outcome of a creative process have?

A rational person of the modern world, with the sobering clarity of ambition, knows to work with an end goal, always.

Sarcasm doesn’t really work well in text. I apologize for that.

What is ambition? Is it possible to have a healthy goal or purpose which has enough room for creative freedom? How much creative freedom is enough?

These questions have so many nuances it would be ridiculous to answer them in one essay.

Though it’s reasonable to at least start. What else is there to do?

I think ambition has multiple interpretations. It can mean:

  • A person wants to climb a carrer ladder. Or a social ladder.
  • A person has inherited his or her values from authorities and is now trying to be a good boy or girl by climbing whatever ladder is around.

The second alternative is a nuance of the first one. Yet only one of many possible interpretations or extentions.

I guess what I’m trying to get to is: the pursuit of control in a creative process is a difficult game to play. It’s impossible to comprehend all the nuances of the world. It can lead to paralyzation to attempt it. Especially if the ego is involved: “This is not good enough”, “I could have done it this way instead”, “I wonder what people will think of this, I ought to make it more perfect”.

To express and create is accepting imperfection yet at the same time opening up the door to endless possibilities. A good compromise from my point of view.

And yes, things doesn’t always go as expected, but maybe there is something to learn from that experience. It’s okay to create worthless stuff. There is something to learn from that to. What matters is to not let the creative spirit get suffocated from labels like quality and worth.